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US Tour Dates?


Holy smokes, I forgot the Danforth Music Hall! Stage looks to be bigger, and the venue is well used by a lot of good bands.

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I've added it to my original response.

You are right, maybe my estimates were wrong and we should look at venues in 1500-5000 range. Stage size is definitely something we cant play around with too much unless we reduce the performers which would then ofcos look just half as awesome (and Ben probably wouldn't agree to do it anyway) 😛

The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago appears to have capacity up to 5000. I have been to several shows there and it's a nice venue! There is no official website as far as I can tell (looks like they're owned by LiveNation), however I spoke with someone there and they told me to have you guys contact

Concord Music Hall claims a capacity of 1490 and the stage meets the requirements given in the screenshot which was posted earlier. If I remember correctly Infected Mushroom played there last year. Seems worth looking into.

House of Blues Chicago is another good theater, it is smaller though and I'm not sure the stage would be large enough. This place has a great location and I've seen many shows here (Simon Posford played one a few years back!).

I'll try to think of more!

Cool, thanks! I'll contact them ?

Hmm house of blues didnt have an exact email for such purposes so i just mailed on a sales one ... but hey maybe we get a reply anyway 😛

Lollapalooza is a huge, heavily promoted music festival in Chicago which features electronic acts. It would be very cool if JR could get on the ticket for this year!
(The best contact I could find:

I wish I had the time / knowledge to give into getting JR down to SD but I just don't right now. Please come and I will bring the peoples.

Searching for more promoters ... and yeah, wrote to Lollapalooza a while ago but just like Coachella and EDC they are massive festivals.. well, lets see 🙂

@luciana are you the tour manager?

Heard of Bill Silva Entertainment?

If the stage is Los Angeles El Rey size then San Diego has House of Blues and The Observatory of comparable size. Otherwise there are arenas through the casinos, Sycuan, Barona, and Viejas.

There are many local festivals too look for as well.

Wish I could do more leg work but...

@un Yep, im gradually taking over the tour managing .. we are in the process of getting away from all the parasitical people who have been feeding off juno in the past and hopefully can come back way stronger now 🙂

Thanks for the link, i havent worked with them yet but will definitely drop them a line!
Most festivals have their lineups closed by now and we didnt know if we will be able to come to us at all until recent so its a bit unfortunate but hey, maybe something will still happen or at least it will generate enough hype for potential other US gigs in the near future 🙂

Right now the immediate challenge is paperwork for the 11th and fighting our way through the jungle of leeches over here in europe along with planning future gigs and especially focusing on promotion now so hopefully you guys will like the new, more active presence on places like instagram, twitter and such (as in todays world, to get gigs and be "visible" a certain amount of promotion is sadly needed)- i hope a lot will change to the better in the near future ^^

HI there,

I'm in Tucson, AZ and every year we host the largest Gem and Mineral show in the world.

There is a festival that was organized here at that time of the year. It is called Gem and Jam and you belong there. It is at the Fair Grounds in Feb. Its is perfect weather in AZ at that time of year.


I feel like I have been waiting half my life to see Juno Reactor so anything I can do to help get you guys booked, would be my pleasure. I'm prepared to go to the Def Con in Vegas if I have to.