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US Tour Dates?


@mvelge You can start bombarding Defcon with ticket requests to the Juno concert which might sway them into opening it up to JR fans.

We're still working on some form letters, but anything you and your friends can get to them could be very helpful in making it happen!

I can think of no better place in the US to hold a concert like this than Red Rocks in Colorado. It has to be the most beautiful and magical venue I've ever had the pleasure of seeing shows at. Not to mention, Denver has a massive following for this genre of music, as I have seen Shpongle, Beats Antique, Gramatik and Infected Mushroom (they played an amazing set at Global Dance Fest there in... 2014?) shows sell out there every year they play.

Now that would be something once-in-a-lifetime - Seeing Simon Postford or Erez and Amit with Ben Watkins at Red Rocks. No question of a sell out show for that one - regardless of size!

I would die if they played together.

There are several great venues at mile high Denver CO!
Would be awesome if Juno could visit Denver!!!

Fillmore Auditorium Information

There are many other cool venues if you would like me to check others!



RED ROCKS of course!!!
Best venue anywhere!