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What are you listening to right now? (other than juno?)


The general thread for mixes, albums, singles, etc.. (THAT ARENT JUNO)
The stuff that you are listening to you write on the forum. ?

Really liking Yaeji's stuff lately.

That is catchy as hell, Blacklabel. ?

Get your Bulgarian techno on!
KiNK - The Russian

^ Coolio.

This was my absolute favorite tune from last year (outside of OUR WORLD) 😉

the piano, the vocal, the ultramagnetic mc's sample... heaven. X)

Sugizo's latest album "Oneness M"
A top work imho. You can check a preview here

I end up always listening to this when traveling, amazing voices and melodies...

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I often listen to classic rock or weird Japanese music from the 80's/90's. 🙂

Right now I'm listening to Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin.

(I hope I did a good job pasting this link in here..)

Orbital Live At London 2017 and Manchester 2017 recently.

Check this out a great album for driving...

lil side note, writing in such format will keep the video in normal proportions ?
its also available in youtube when you click share (bottom right of video) and then EMBED. Copy that code.

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Solid Tunes ? (and thanks for the embed trick xD )

Reactorleak forum always had great taste in music X)