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What are you listening to right now? (other than juno?)


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Soundtrack

I am the sun.

I'm currently binge watching/listening to this gem:

Moby - Everlong

Can anyone suggest me some songs creating the same atmosphere?

Nina, maybe you should listen to Angelo Badalamenti... a big inspiration for Moby.

meanwhile... i really like this one

Love Jeff Russo's writing and the series I ate all in a few sittings <3

brilliant writer J贸hann J贸hannsson

@ Blacklabel:

Thanks! I only know Angelo Badalamenti from twin peaks (I love Laura Palmers theme.) I'm going to check out some of his other songs. 馃檪

Btw. The Xai song you posted sounds pretty nice too. 馃檪

Quote from Webfoot on January 16, 2018, 7:34 am

brilliant writer J贸hann J贸hannsson

Pity that J贸hann was fired from Blade Runner 2049.
He would have made a much better job than Hans "BRAHHMMM" Zimmer.
BR2049 score gave me a headache. >_<

only thing good about the Blade Runner one is the amount of bass, and posh synths, real shame they couldn't stand by Johann...

Thys from Noisia doing some Blade Runner inspired stuff. Very simple, but effective.

Noisia have nestled just below Juno in my favourite artists list, absolute aces in my books.

Webfoot, were you ever in talks for working on Blade Runner 2049?