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What are you listening to right now? (other than juno?)


Love Noisia.. but that replicant spiel has the same problem as Hans Zimmer's soundtrack....
"where's the fucking melodies, man?" X)

Vangelis' score has some of the most memorable melodies put to film.

There was no saxophone in BR2049! X)

In Thys' defense, its just him noodling around with a new modular synth.

But yes, no sexy sax means no sexy soundtrack.

It's weird that this plays during a scene where Deckard harrasses Rachel... :/

"Sexy Sax" anyway. X)

Artist: Access To Arasaka
Album: Oppidan

Soooo good!

If i had a country this would be my national anthem ^_^

^ I quite liked that variation. 🙂

Nothing beats the original scores, though.
(and this performance is damn good. UNF)

Trip down the memory lane.
I was listening a lot to Amon Tobin's Chaos Theory Soundtrack at the time..
I think it shows. ^_^

Punk/Drum and Bass/hip hop take on Zwara.

Maybe i should remaster it? I do know more tricks nowadays...

Thanks for listening, Ben. ?

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Thanks, Jackie Brown soundtrack... 🙂