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What are you listening to right now? (other than juno?)


Blacklabel was asking about VK and here I am relistening to these gothic alien masterpieces ? (also jesus christ that stage setup and touring if there was any must have been hardcore!!)

Now before you think WHATTT THHHEEE EEEEFFF?? Keep in mind what the rest of the world was doing in the meantime .... :3

I blame Tim Burton for the whole Visual Kei aesthetic. :o)
It's Intense. X)
I dont hate it, tho! There's some good musicianship underneath all those drapes. :o)

Time for some portuguese music. Sharing some knowledge around ?
3 of the best songs of our biggest bands:

Heavy. My research into the visual kei stuff has been a bit superficial so far.. but i've been digging some stuff ^_^

The cringy 18 years old me applauds you 😛

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ha! ^_^ I wouldnt call you cringy, though.
Extravagant would be the right word.
With EXTRA in caps lock.

Being a boring normie... now that would have been weird. :o)

New Jon Hopkins, nice video too!

Funky! ?

Dom and Roland > Noisia tbh (and i love Noisia) ?

Royksopp are gods. 🙂

Are we able to upload audio?... I caught a very specific mp3 from a band nobody has every heard of.... then for some reason I will never understand they deleted it and replaced it with a far more shit version.
That good version is lost on the internet now.

These guys.... similar sound only better IMO