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What are you listening to right now? (other than juno?)


soulful, relaxing, catchy. :3

Two songs that are worlds apart:
Paul Simon - Rewrite (I've been listening to the album "So Beautiful or So What")
Lots of great lyrical content supported with great instrumentation.

Fixate - Rickety Cricket (from Ivy Lab's "20/20 Volume 2" compilation)
So weird, love it.


My Grndma, trying to convince me to talk to some open festival in town next week to book Juno Reactor and the Mutant Theatre.

Next week.



EDIT: track length - 12min 43sec, 650bpm.

hahahhahhahaha! Good luck with that one. XD

if i had music skills id remix her speed-babbling in the autotune way X3

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record her. (be stealthy about it) ?

Send it to ben. XD

classy. 10+ points for trolling the audience and switching songs 5 seconds in.

> Luciana: (waaay too late reaction) I used to like Malice Mizer and gackt a lot when I was like 14 years old.. (still have a few cds of them) But now I don't really like them anymore.. (I'm sorry to your 18-years-old-cringy?-self)
Their live shows were pretty awesome though.. 🙂

Uhmn.. I'm currently listening to nothing. (Cuz I'm at work.. whoops)
But I recently discovered "cigarettes after sex".

The coolest music video in a long time: