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Your favourite David Bowie tunes?

I think you've mentioned a few times that you liked his music (or at least, you did when you were younger?). What are some of your favourite David Bowie songs? Any of them attached to particular memories?

David Bowie was the first concert I went to, at Earls court when i was 15 performing his Aladdin Sane tour, with Mike Garson on keyboards (so when i did Pretty Girl with Mike Garson this was a major high for me... even though most other people hated it, i loved it.) Yeah I had the hair, the make up, the wide pants and the platform boots, big ear ring...

All of Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, all the way through to Lets Dance, i was a devoted follower where my life would never be the same again.

Life on Mars has to be one if not my Fav, so many now come into my head, on the last album Lazarus is beautiful.

OK, gotta do 2 follow-ups:

1) If you could remix any Bowie song, what would it be? Do you think you'd ever do a cover?

2) Not that its possible, but if you ever had the opportunity to collaborate with him, would you have? Or is it a "never meet your heroes" type situation? Too many cooks in the kitchen?

1 Heard so many really crap versions of his songs i doubt i would want add to the pile...

2 errrr... maybe i dreamt this too many times, too much a blushing fan 🙂 what i do like is that he never fell down, a fallen zero to be hidden away under the blankets of memory.

Yeah, he struck me as a guy who just did what he felt was artistically appropriate, and to hell with people who didn't like it.