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Youtube channels worth watching.

I'm always on the lookout for good new channels to sub to, so if anyone has any ideas chuck em up here please.
This is a few of the better ones I've found (not including anything political)


An electrcal engineer explaining electricity, with added jokes.

You Suck At Cooking
Some guy cooking.

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time
Some other guy cooking... in the most metal way possible! (sadly they dont seem to make stuff anymore but still worth a look)

Interesting things

Primitive Technology
Just some dude making mud huts and the like, sounds kinda boring but fascinating to watch

CGP Grey
Cartoony videos explaining things about the world.

Cody's Lab
Dude doing chemistry, Mining, Bee keeping and growing plants.... much better than it sounds

Tom Scott
Dude telling us about things he finds interesting

Another dude telling us about things he finds interesting


A charming and VERY British man talking about wars and armour and tanks and stuff

Miles Power
Bloke exposing bullshit

Unkle bumblefuck!... It's some canadian guy taking apart drills and stuff and showing us metal working..... but he's kinda made up his own vocabulary which makes it very watchable

Big Clive
A large scottish man taking apart lights and other cheap electronic crap he gets from his local pound shop

Joe Rogan Experience. I'd put it in the "occasionally worth watching".

He sometimes gets some interesting interviews with people (ex: Jon Ronson) and he sits down with people on the left, right, center political spectrum and tries to get to know them well.

But most of the time he's got this weird dumb kind of really superficial "fake deep stoned" philosophy... .combined with some very oddball detours into other topics.. which make for unintentional hillarity:


Oh yeah, Rogan for sure. But he makes SO much stuff and its always SO long!.... Gotta pick and choose which to sit through.

My favourite thing he's said that sums up his personality was a few weeks ago:

"Eat meat with dirty hands"


Red Letter Media for snarky, fun commentary on old bad movies + dumb modern big budget films

and the occasional really good old film..

I just ran into one but I'm super excited about exploring it.

Based on a mere 3 videos (everything else I've recommended so far has been something I've been watching for years... and years... and years.)

Two minute papers
.... cutting edge science shit, boiled right down!

Lindsay Ellis's - Reviews and essays on films, characters with great editing, well written, funny and solid research. Mostly covers mainstream films and pop culture at large.

Want 20 minutes about the history of Jack the Ripper across film, literature and tv?

Kirby JR - Video Game discussions and tutorials.

Emergency Awesome - Talks about pop culture.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!